Outlook Exchange Accounts Optimizer

The Exchange optimizer

Optimize your Exchange Accounts

With Outlook Exchange Accounts Optimizer, you can ensure your on-line Exchange mailbox never gets full.

This utility automatically moves messages from your Outlook Exchange account to a replicated structure within Outlook local folders. With OEAO you can filter messages by age (email older than X days), by date range or by From field.

Outlook Exchange Accounts Optimizer can handle multiple accounts and be set to run automatically.

OEAO is very easy to use

Just set few rules on the panel shown here above and forget about it. OEAO will do the job for you.

If you want only check in the Log how many messages should be moved, just enable the checkbox “Simulation Mode”.

Outlook Exchange Accounts Optimizer works on Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion with Microsoft Outlook 2011.

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OEAO 3.0.0 - Free Trial

Released: August 6, 2012

System Requirements: 10.6.x - 10.7.x - 10.8.x

OEAO 2.x works only on Macintosh with Intel processors

Microsoft Outlook 2011 update 14.2.3 or higher

Need Universal Binary version (PPC/Intel)

of Outlook Exchange Accounts Optimizer?

Please contact us to request OEAO 1.4.0